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The 45th Regiment of Hampshire is an Active Regiment throughout Holdfast: Nations at war. Who have regular events for all members of the 45th Regiment of Hampshire to enjoy. In our ranks we have players from all over Europe and North America. And not only do we accept the hardened veterans to our ranks, but even the newest players so they can become the hardened veterans of the 45th Regiment of Hampshire.


"Looking for a lot of laugh, jokes, fun time and strong regiment? 45th is a place for you! Sacrifices, sweat and tears. Even I survived and even though it was Difficult, And I had problems with my keyboard. I am proud of being part of 45th!"

Dariusz L. Palka
Enlisted | Since 2018


"I've been in the 45th regiment of Hampshire for about 2 years and I can't say it's the best regiment out there because its the only regiment I've ever been in and there are many reasons why I won't ever leave. The 45th has everything you could ask for in a regiment, discipline a friendly environment an occasional goof here and there and a jolly old time. There are never any trolls around to ruin the fun, the people are great who will soon be your future comrades, teamwork is key and they never let you down, the 45th never lets you down. I don’t think I will ever be leaving the 45th regiment of Hampshire any time soon."

Michael G. Mayer
Enlisted | Since 2018


"my old family the 45th who accepted me back home just like the father did in the Bible when his son left and spent all the fathers money and only begged the father to work in his house as a slave but instead the father gives his son the great colourful coat from his very back and slips off the very signet family ring off the fathers hands and onto his lost sons hands and welcomes him back home for he was lost but is now found. "The 45th is My home...I AM HOME...""

Jacob T. Cooper
Enlisted | Since 2019


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