♚ Rules Tab ♚

● 1 in the 45th Regiment of Hampshire, there is only one side, and that's the 45th Regiment of Hampshire

● 2 in the 45th we don't tolerate conflicts if people don't behave, then they will get there the warning, and then the person will be kicked out

● 3 in the 45th we expect you to talk with us communicate with us and tell us if something is wrong since without communication we are no longer a regiment

● 4 Also, Communication when we write to you we expect you answering it since we are an active regiment and we do not like people that do not communicate

● 5 In the 45th Regiment of Hampshire, we do not tolerate Trolling when you see a line 100 Yards in the front, or an officer are giving commands then you must be silent

● 6 In the 45th we expect you to be able to either speak English or understand it and in our main Events Communication would be in English

● 7 As a member of the 45th, we expect you to inform us 2 hours beforehand if you cannot come or some days before!

● 8 Also in the 45th we expect you to be in our communication route 1 hour and 30m beforehand for counting