The 45th Regiment of Hampshire is an Active Regiment throughout Holdfast: Nations at war. Who have regular events for all members of the 45th Regiment of Hampshire to enjoy! In our ranks, we have players from all over Europe and North America. And not only do we accept the hardened veterans to our ranks, but even the newest players so they can become the hardened veterans of the 45th Regiment of Hampshire.

Why Should I Join the Regiment

Because we offer a free service for those who are searching for a Regiment to stay in. We offer a Discipline environment. Two weekly Drilling Exercises and 4 Linebattles and a free day on Thursday + Promotions on Sunday. also. We talk with our members and take care of the ones we have before moving over to recruit more people. because it’s important to take care of the ones you already have before moving over to new ones. Also. your voice does matter in the 45th. If you have something to say. You will be listen to as well. We love feedback as well.

Which Days do we play.

Monday Drilling Exercises. 7 PM UK TIME

Tuesday Drilling Exercises. 7 PM UK TIME

Wednesday Linebattle. 7 PM UK TIME

Thursday day off.

Friday Linebattle. 7 PM UK TIME

Saturday Linebattle. 7 PM UK TIME

Sunday Linebattle. 7 PM UK TIME

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